The Things you don’t know about Lewis Hamilton


Lewis Hamilton, the prolific Formula 1 star and champion has been in the public eye for a long time. His success is well documented on the racing front, as well as the scores of celebrity romances he has been linked to. But there are things that Hamilton has not been very public about, so there are aspects of his life that largely remain unknown to the public.

Let’s take a look at some of the lesser known aspects of Hamilton’s life:

10: Religious

While his public persona may portray the contrary, between his wild number of celebrity flings and his bad boy attitude on and off the racing track, Hamillton is a devout Catholic.

Raised in a religious household, Hamilton always wears a cross around his neck while racing and has commented that it is to be closer to God. He has credited God with granting him his talents and has shown that he believes he has been blessed. So he believes that his years of hard work is what he owes to God and himself to get better at his abilities.

9: Pizza Lover

Hamilton is an avid lover of pizza, just like most of us are. Joining his fellow pizza lover and long time friend Nico Roseberg, Hamilton competed in a pizza eating contest in 2000 in a spirit of friendly pizza consumption.

8: Favorite Restaurant

Hamilton’s favorite restaurant is a place named Shanghai Blue located in the heart of London, though when inside one gets an authentic feel of being in China. Hamilton enjoys the fantastic cuisine, and likely the place’s lively atmosphere of live music on the weekends. It is no doubt that the crowds in attendance do not oppose dining with a celebrity on a regular basis either.

7: Why The Relationship with Nicole Scherzinger Broke Off

Hamilton and Schrezinger were in an on and off relationship from 2007 to 2015, and became an A-List celebrity couple. In fact, many people who did not know about Hamilton from his racing career only got familiar with him due to this couple’s relationship in the public light.

However, as most of the relationship was long distance, the two finally grew apart too far to continue. Hamilton simply did not pay Schrerzinger enough attention, ending the relationship for good.

6: Playing the Piano

As much needed stress relief from the grind of the racing world, Hamilton channeled his passion for learning to play the piano. It is something he found relaxing and made the best of it. Exhibiting his playing chops, much of which were learned from watching Queen videos on the internet, he has taken the stage with singers like Rita Ora and held his own.

5: Movie Career

Most people may not know or have recognized the name, but Lewis Hamilton was actually the voice of the British racecar in the World Grand Prix in Pixar’s Cars 2. Pixar wanted to reach out to Formula 1 fans by including a credible star from the racing world in the film about race cars. Not only did Hamilton contribute the vocals to the movie, he also worked with animators to help design the look of the car which he contributed the voice to.

4: Many Song Recorded

Alongside his piano skills, Hamilton delves deeper into music on a regular basis. Lewis often books himself studio after races on Sundays to unwind from the intensity of the track. He has recorded over 80 songs as a musician and a singer. He has his hands full with his racing career at the moment, but he certainly has another potential stream of success laying in wait on the musical front once he chooses to retire.

3: His Brother is a Race Too

Lewis’s half brother Nicolas, who suffers from cerebral palsy, is also a racer. Not letting his condition define or limit him, Nicolas had become an excellent virtual racer. Lewis has since helped him train for actual racing, and these days Nicolas competes in the British Touring Car Championship in a specially modified car which allows him to be on an even playing field with the other racers.

2: Breaking Barriers

What a lot of people may not realise, is that Lewis Hamilton is the first black Formula 1 driver in history. He takes the position and responsibility of this seriously in helping lift up the black community of the world. As a member of UNICEF, a worldwide organisation that aims to help disadvantaged children, Hamilton is doing his part in giving back to the world, a part of his story that is often overshadowed by his racing traits and multiple romantic endeavours.

1: Child Racing Star

A lot of people don’t realize that Hamilton was a successful racer from a young age. He began working on remote controlled cars from the age of 5. He then appeared on Blue Peter, defeating the British national champion on television. From there he went on to win multiple championships. He was clearly built for racing from a young age, so his career in Formula 1 was a perfect fit.


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