Formula 1 Drivers who started from the back of the grid to finish first with a great win


Once in a while, a miracle occurs in most sports. A team starts a season with a bad record but goes on a winning streak to make the playoffs. A team down to their last game in a series surges from behind to victory. In the history of Formula 1 racing, this unusually eventful occurrence has happened on multiple occasions.

Lewis Hamilton’s dramatic win in the 2018 German Grand Prix was just one example when Hamilton surged from 14th place, where he started due to a hydraulic malfunction in the qualifying round, to win the race, albeit aided by Vettel’s crash. There have been, however, several other interesting, noteworthy winners who defied all the odds and etched their names in F1 history.

Michael Schumacher - 16th Place


When changing weather took its toll on the Belgian Grand Prix in 1995, Schumaker fell behind in the qualifiers and was forced to place in the eighth row on the starting grid. Due to the weather, drivers pitted early. This allowed Schumacher and Briton Damon Hill to get to the front spots of the race.

After intense closing laps, Hill was forced to pit to serve a stop-go penalty, leaving Schumacher in the clear to win the race, netting him his 6th win of the season. His win was somewhat soiled by a one-race suspension for aggressive maneuvering tactics that he used on Hill during the race.


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