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The Biggest Challenges For the Teams in The 2021 Formula 1 Season


Formula 1 is on the cusp of blasting off for another season, with the sport into the final week of pre-season testing, and while f1 is preparing to celebrate its 70th anniversary campaign long and loudly against the backdrop of its glorious past.
The sport is unashamedly laser focused on a far more important matter, next season 2021 when everything changes. F 1’s brave new era promising even closer competition and sexier cars to attract future generations to this most gladiatorial of sports.

In an interview with Chase Carey the chairman and CEO of Formula 1 said “I think it’s a wonderful sport wonderful stars wonderful teams, unique combination the competition and technology, and we can make a much bigger and more exciting for fans than it is and that’s really what we’re aspire to do.”

F1 has taken a broom to its regulations for sweeping changes, across its technical sporting and financial spheres. the new cars will use ground effect aerodynamics to direct the turbulent air skyward and not into the path of the chasing car, which destroys arrow performance and a driver’s ability to close up and pass.

On the business side there are still details to be hammered out before a New Concord agreement can be signed, but teams are now unified on their path forward rather than threatening an exit.

The biggest challenges ahead though are for the top teams getting budgets under the 175 million US dollar cost cap, which only comes in from next year forcing huge investment to retain advantage, and for all squads when to switch resources and by how much.

“In parallel we have to create and develop a completely new car, in line with the new regulations that will govern the Formula one in 2021 and beyond, the team is going to be very busy” the Ferrari CEO louis C Camilleri said.

And also the Mclaren team principal Andreas Swidl said “it’s a big challenge for every team in the paddock to get these shifts of resources right during 2020, for us the approaches are quite straightforward we still want to make a good 2020 season, because I think it’s important for us as a team in the in the journey we are in at the moment to keep making these steps.”

Regardless the drivers are pumped for the new direction, including the F1 six-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. “It does what it says on paper I think we’re gonna see perhaps the best could be the best era of racing, that we’ve seen in a long time, and I want to be there if it is the case because then that is another opportunity for me, to continue to show my abilities and test my abilities each time i go out” Hamilton said.

It’s an exciting time for Formula 1, and while the hype for the 2020 season should not be reduced, with over 20 potentially thrilling races ahead what is on the horizon has massive impact on future success.


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