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The Main Reason Why Toro Rosso Became Alpha Tauri


The team’s best finish was with Pierluigi martini at the 1991 San Marino Grand Prix, but don’t let that mistake you in thinking this team did not have talented drivers Jarno Trulli, Giancarlo Fisichella, Jos Verstappen, Mark Webber and even Fernando Alonso all raced under the Minardi name.

however in 2006 everything changed the team were struggling financially struggling with results, and ultimately they were bought out by red bull, who had only just already jumped into formula 1 by purchasing out Jaguar the year prior. redbull decided to give Minardi a brand new name of Scuderia Toro Rosso which translated from Italian back to English reads Red Bull.

The idea of Toro Rosso was to be a junior team to the Red Bull team, allowing Red Bull to promote their young drivers from lower categories GP3, GP2 (Formula 2) and put them into Formula One whilst not being under the limelight. and actually over the team’s 14 season history, it has been very successful breeding drivers such as the two Formula E well champions Sebastien Buemi, Jean Eric Vergne.

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