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Will Scuderia Ferrari Keep Struggling in 2020?


Ferrari heads to Australia boiling with desperation for success, hits last Formula One Constructors Championship in 2008, its last drivers crown in 2007, care of the Iceman Kimi räikkönen.

But the Scuderia will have to hustle in one week left before lights out at Albert Park, with its pace relative to rival Mercedes unclear, on account of its power output with team principal Mattia Bonato admitting it’s lacking compared with 2019, but also the cars drag with the SF 1000 designed for maximum down force.

Ferrari finished pre-season testing with the fourth fastest time by teams, behind Mercedes, Red Bull and Renault. Charles Leclerc was fourth overall with four-time F1 world champion Sebastian Vettel ninth fastest. but the Scuderia Ferrari is preseason this year focused on understanding its new car, and giving it a wider performance envelope rather than topping the timesheets for outright pace, and coronavirus concerns aside Ferrari needs that strongest season start with parallel development programs including 2021.

“It’s a difficult exercise we need to make sure that everybody knows exactly what to do we need to manage their resources the timing the planning the things that we are facing one of the most difficult moment if we look back at the last season” Mattia Binotto said.

It also needs a more collaborative approach between its drivers, but the stage is surely set for more fireworks with Charles Leclerc on a new five-year contract, and Vettel reeling after too many unforced errors. contact forcing a double retirement at last year’s Brazilian GP. with many in the f1 paddock expecting it to be a make-or-break season for Vettel despite contract negotiations ongoing.

“I think that the two drivers at Ferrari this year it’s an important year for them, especially Sebastian Vettel. he needs to really show that he is up for fighting for the world championship, he’s got this new guy as his teammate who’s extremely quick, and but his honeymoon period is over that first you were Ferrari so those two it’s a very important year for them, I think if specially has a tough year there’s a possibility he might not be there in 2021, it’s a tough year for him” Jenson Button said in an interview with Skysport.

But at the SF 1000s launched last month Ferrari CEO Louis C cammalleri sent the first message to the pair, in putting the brand first. “it will be their second season together another than their incredible talent we know that they share a passion and pride for Ferrari and a loyal to Ferrari”
While Vettel dreams of replicating his childhood idol Michael Schumacher’s legacy at Ferrari, in this his sixth season with the team the momentum is now behind Charles Leclerc.

“I’ve been training harder than ever and harder than every year before to get ready for this season, and and I feel ready now I can’t wait to be in the car and to finally see where we are compared to the other F1 drivers” Charles Leclerc said.
Vettel though feels on top fighting form but must now pull out all the stops, in order to translate that into results “over the years I was able to find out what’s good for me what’s bad for me I think batteries are recharged I’m fully ready I think the team is ready we all feel ready” Vettel said. all in all it’s a mouth-watering prospect as Ferrari again stretches for the title with the weight of Italy on its shoulders to deliver.


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